Golf Cart Parts

How is your golf cart running? It may not be quite time for you to replace it but it probably could use a little sprucing up for the new season. Lakeview Small Power keeps a large inventory of commonly needed golf cart parts and accessories. If we don't have exactly what you need in stock, we will get it for you as soon as we possibly can.

Get Those Golf Cart Parts

Our technicians at Lakeview Small Power are able to make subtle changes to your current golf cart or give it a whole new look.

  • Acceleration
  • Brakes
  • Custom Seats
  • Steering

Does your electric cart need to go a little faster? By using our dealer tool, we are able to change the manufacturer's setting to give your cart a little extra "umph." We can also install speed chips to get your cart up to speed.

Any vehicle needs to have periodic brake inspections so bring your cart in for a test. We are happy to maintain and repair the brakes on your cart, whether they need repaired or replaced. If it's time for them to be replaced, we will provide you with your original brand. No more worries about your brakes while you're out on the course.

Do you love your cart, but want seats that are more comfortable or just feel it's time to update the look? For a new look and more comfort, you might want to consider new seats. Whether you opt for standard seats or would like custom seats, Lakeview Small Power can make your old cart look and feel brand new. With a new colour of your choice and custom stitching, you will have the comfort and the look of a whole new cart.

We also carry standard parts for steering as well as custom chrome columns for a sporty or customized steering wheel.

We Know What You Want!

The most enjoyable part of designing your new customized golf cart is choosing the body style and colour. Custom seats, custom colour - everything just the way you want it.

Our philosophy has always been client centered. We take pride in helping our customers determine what they need when it comes to parts and accessories for their golf cart. We understand the needs of our Alberta communities and have decades of experience in the business.

Call (780) 785-3270 to start building the cart of your dreams!