Golf Cart Repair

When your golf cart is in need of repair, don’t waste valuable time trying to fix it yourself. Take your golf cart to Lakeview Small Power for repairs and maintenance and get the peace of mind knowing that your cart will be repaired properly and in time for your next adventure. Have you heard the saying “know to assemble, before you dismantle?” Our technicians know how your machine works and will give you honest and reliable suggestions as to how best repair your golf cart.

The owner and technicians here at Lakeview Small Power have been providing golf cart repair service to the Edmonton area and surrounding communities of Alberta for over ten years. Our customers tell us that our workmanship sets us apart from many other golf cart repair shops.'

We keep a large inventory of commonly used parts and have access to specialty parts. Unlike many repair shops, we also have the ability to design and build parts that may be needed for tough repairs. To make sure your machine is repaired and working well, we have a designated demo area where you can test out your repaired golf cart before leaving the shop. This way, you know that your golf cart will be running in top shape before you take it home.

Quick and Easy Golf Cart Repairs

We run a tidy shop where we can get your golf cart in and out in a timely manner so you get back on the course and onto your next game. There are some repairs you can make yourself, but often home repairs don’t work out as well as expected, and you still end up taking it to a professional.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide honest and competitive estimates and prices for golf cart repairs. Stop by or call Lakeview Small Power to talk to our professionals for suggestions that will help you make informed decisions regarding your golf cart.

Maintenance & Small Engine Care Tips

Small engines are easy to take care of and will last many years, but they need a little help and up-keep along the way.

Electric golf carts. Check the water level of your battery. For an electric golf cart to keep running smoothly in every season, make sure the water level of the battery is topped off.

Gas golf carts. To prevent overheating, especially during the warm months, clean the filters regularly. Regular oil and filter changes are just as important with golf carts as they are with your automobile.

Cover air vent. During the summer months, we recommend that you cover the air vent of any small gas engine that is stored outside – this will keep water from entering the fuel tank.

With any engine – it’s important to have regular maintenance and service checks done by a professional. You can avoid costly repairs and replacements when your small engine is serviced on a regular basis.

Only the Best Golf Cart Repair Service

We want your equipment to run well during every season, and we are here to help you with repairs and maintenance. Being a client-centered business, we care about our customers. We understand that it is important for your machines to run smoothly in order to accomplish the things you need to do. Visit or call Lakeview Small Power to see how we can help you keep your small engine machines running at their best.

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